Whole House Big Blue String Wound PP Sediment Replacement Filter Cartridge(5 Mic) Pack of 4 - 4.5" x 10"

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  • Made of 100% Polypropylene,performance is higher 30% than normal PP sediment .The string wound PS sediment filter display different color and tracks the life time as you use,It is time to replace a new one when it is dark yellow or brown
  • STANDARD-Fits all standard 10" sized big blue filter housing, size at 4.5" diameter x 10" height. Function-Remove silt, sand, rust, dirt, and other undissolved particles,these can be used for residential and commercial applications
  • Function-Sediment cartridge is used to remove silt, sand, rust, dirt, and other undissolved particles,these can be used for residential and commercial applications
  • GOOD PACKING-Pack of 4. All Filters are individually wrapped&sealed and extend shelf life,.It is Installed at the main water supply and produce pure water for your entire home. Enjoy better water from every tap and every appliance in the whole house
  • Life time : 6-12 months or 100K gallons (Depends on Usage Amount and Feed Water Quality). Flow rate : 5-15 GPM (Depend on Feed Water Pressure)


Maximum Pressure: 90 psi (6.2 bar) ,

Temperature:40-110°F/5-45°C ,

Shelf life: 5 Years.


1. Please lubricate the o-ring with silicon grease and use wrench provided to prevent leakage. you may search "big blue whole house water filter " on YouTube, there is some video about this housing, it is very helpful if it is the first time to install it.

2. Protect filter housing from freezing.

3. This filter housing has a maximum operating pressure rating of 90 psi, if you suspect that your water pressure will at any time exceed 80 psi, a pressure regulator MUST BE INSTALLED before the filter housing. this action will guard against the water pressure exceeding the maximum pressure rating.it is recommended that the pressure regulator be set at 60 psi or less.

4. The rubber o-ring provides the water tight seal between the cap and the sump. it is important that the o-ring be properly SEATED IN THE GROOVE of a water leak could occur.

More valuable information:

1. What is dimension of the filter ?

ANSWER: It is standard sized 4.5" OD x 10" height filters and housings .

2. What is the function?

ANSWER:PP string wound filter, Remove sand, dirt, sediment. life time:6-12 months.

3.If not Geekpure, the filters is available to other brands big blue filter?

ANSWER:Please don't worry. it compatible to most 10 inch standard sized big blue housing ,includes Ispring, Express Water, Culligan and more brands.

4. What is in the box?

ANSWER: 4 x String wound PP sediment filter.

PS.The Life Time of the Filter Cartridge Depends on Usage Amount and Feed Water Quality.

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Well Priced

Why pay more?

Well Priced

Polar Tiger
Good quality and Effective

I use these filters on a well water system. They are indivually wrapped for storage. They fit snug in the casing and separate the sediment really well. The price is IMO fair.

Good quality and Effective

Does the job

Filters the sand amongst other impurities out of the lake water that we pump up to our cottage. I recently removed the faucet aerators in the kitchen and washroom and they were clean as a whistle.Need to replace them often though depending on the amount of particulate matter that's in the water you're sucking up.

Does the job

John H.
Great buy

Works good

Great buy


Superior quality