About Geekpure

Geekpure is a leading manufacturer with great experience in water filtration and purification field since 1999.
It carries various high quality water filtration systems and components, such as: Residential Reverse Osmosis System ,Ultra filtration and Faucet water filter, Pitcher water filter,Shower filter and all concern parts. even commercial and industrial water treatment,all systems is CE certified,reverse osmosis  membranes,tube,fitting and storage tank which touch with pure water is NSF certified.
Geekpure becomes the premier supplier of quality water filtration products to
distributors and OEMs globally.From home use to industry, from little fitting to complete plant project.

Geekpure is always your best choice in water filtration field.
 If you have any question in installation or you need technical support,please do not hesitate contact us. we will do our best to support you.

Hope you like it and enjoy the cleaner, clearer, great tasting water with your family!

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