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20" Big Blue Whole House Water Filter 3/4" Outlet/Inlet + Pressure Gauge + Block Carbon Filter+ Wrench +Bracket

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  • COMPLETE-Complete one set ,20 inch big blue housing,3/4"NPT brass inlet/outlet + Block Carbon Filter + Pressure Gauge + Wrench + Metal Bracket,total 5 pieces in the box.
  • STANDARD-Fits all standard sized 4-1/2 inch diameter industry 20 inch whole house cartridges,and pressure gauge can indicate feed water pressure .
  • FUNCTION-Carbon block filter is used to remove Remove chlorine, taste & odors, very fine particulates. life time:6-12months ,these can be used for residential and commercial applications.
  • HIGH QUALITY-Fits NSF standard,Large capacity housing for high flow applications,One year limited warranty
  • RESPONSABLE MANUFACTURER- ISO9001:2008 certificated Manufacturer ,also Member of Water Quality Association (WQA)

Product description

Maximum Pressure: 90 psi (6.2 bar)
Shelf life: 5 Years

More valuable information:
✪What is dimension of the big blue housing?
It is 4.5"OD x 20" height .
✪What is in the box?
1x20inch big blue housing 3/4 inch NPT ,1pc pressure gauge , 1pc block carbon fitler,1pc plastic wrench ,1pc metal bracket,total 5 pieces in the box.
✪What is filters options?
1.PP spun filter, Remove sand, dirt, sediment. life time:6 months.ASIN:B07794W9F8.
2.Granular activited carbon filter, Remove chlorine, taste & odors, very fine particulates. life time:6months. ASIN:B0779YX41N.
3.Carbon block filter, Further remove chlorine, taste & odors, very fine particulates. life time:6 months. ASIN:B07798RFVH.
4.PP pleated filter, the material is same as PP sediment,Remove sand, dirt, sediment. life time:6 months.
PS.The Life Time of the Filter Cartridge Depends on Usage Amount and Feed Water Quality. 

1. Protect filter housing from freezing. 
2. This filter housing has a maximum operating pressure rating of 90 psi, if you suspect that your water pressure will at any time exceed 80 psi, a pressure regulator MUST BE INSTALLED before the filter housing. this action will guard against the water pressure exceeding the maximum pressure is recommended that the pressure regulator be set at 70 psi or less.
3.The rubber o-ring provides the water tight seal between the cap and the sump. it is important that the o-ring be properly SEATED IN THE GROOVE of a water leak could occur.