3-Stage Countertop Ro Drinking Water Dispenser with Quick Change Twist Filters -75GPD

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  • Long lasting and specifically designed for easy maintenance, Change your twsit filters in 5 seconds, No fuss, No mess,No tools required,No tube or fitting connection,simple & straightforward,Change just every 2000 gallons
  • 4 Temperature settings allow you to customize your drinking water. Geekpure dispenser features room-temperature ,113℉(45℃),185℉(85℃) and 212℉(100℃) for either refreshing and satisfying hydration.Experience fresher healthier baby formula,tea and coffee, better tasting foods,great tasting even better than most bottled water
  • Advanced Technology-Removes up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine,lead,fluoride,mercury,cadmium,odor,heavy metals, and 1000+ pollutant. Down to 0.0001 micron. Pure water to drain water ratio is 1:2
  • System come with pump,Capacity 75 gallons per day.Tank Capacity 1.2 Gallon (4.5L).Place and move Geekpure countertop RO water dispensesr to anywhere in need with power supply available, including office, kitchen, bedroom and more. Compact, modern and stylish design can nicely fit and match your décor and delight your countertop! Feed Water Condition:Water Pressure Temperate:40-110°F/5-45°C,Ph:3.0 -11.0,Max TDS :500 ppm tap water
  • CHILD-SAFETY LOCK,Never worry about accidental pouring of hot water again with the two-step dispensing on the hot-water spout. Simply release the lock located above the dispensing button and enjoy soothing hot water at your fingertips

PH:3.0 -11.0
MAX SDI <4.0
IRON <0.1
Shelf life: 3 Years
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

More valuable information:
✪What is dimension of the Geekpure water dispenser?
Length 7.5 inch, Width 14.8 inch, Height 17.3 inch.
Storage tank: 1.2 Gallon (4.5L).
✪What is 3 stage filters and function?
the 1st stage: PP spun filter, Remove sand, dirt, sediment.
the 2nd stage:Carbon filter, Remove chlorine, taste & odors, very fine particulates
the 3rd stage:TFC Ro membrane, Reduce 99% total dissolved minerals, heavy metal, Arsenic, Mercury, Iron, lead ,Fluoride and 1000+ contaminants .
✪Where can I buy replace filters?
Please search product ASIN:B084FYNTH2 on Amzon.life time is 6 months or 2000 gallons if feed water is around 300 ppm tap water.
✪What is in the box?
1 complete set Ro water purifier.
✪BPA free?
Yes, BPA free and food grade materials.

1.It Is Recommended to Wait Until the Entire System Is Pressurized and Re-Check for Any Leaks Before Leaving Installation Site.
2.It Is Normal for Some Black Carbon Fines to Appear in The Water When Emptying the First 2 Tanks of Water. The First 2 Tanks of Water Produced Should be Emptied and Not Used.
3.Please keep flush 30 minutes for new filters.

Customer Reviews

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Kohn K.
Friendly user machine

a friendly user machine,clear instruction manual,you can using it well.

Mobbiest of all Mobby Dogs
One of the lower cost water dispensing solutions on Amazon but absolutely amazing!��

First review! To be honest, I had this thing for about 3 months. I was so afraid I made the wrong purchase. I bought my unit, received it, set it up, and currently it gets heavy usage every day. At least 7 liters are dispensed every day from this device. The concern was that after I purchased the unit, this unit was no longer available. For over a month. Thinking that after the cartridges (of which I couldn��t find either on amazon) are spent, I have to toss this unit and buy a new one.Until today! I saw that the seller now has 20 units available, and replacement cartridges too! I finished purchasing my replacement cartridges, and now am writing this review!Now to the good stuff. This thing is amazing, especially for the price. You don��t have to attach water lines to it as it has a tank you can refill. The resulting product is really great tasting filtered water. Need a cup of tea in a flash? This guy dispenses filtered super hot water for making tea, instant Siamin, instant coffee, etc.Need a cup of water? Put your cup under the outlet and press the ��output�� button. It dispenses exactly 1 cup (8 oz)!The display displays useful information, like the TDS content of your tap water, as well as the TDS of the filtered water. The temperature of your ambient water is shown; if you want heated water, you can select from 45c, 85c, or 100c. It also shows the life of your PP, CTO, and RO cartridges in the form of a bar graph. At a glance, you��ll know when to order new cartridges.It��s compact stylish form factor and super easy tool-less replacement of the twist-off bayonet style cartridges make this unit even more attractive, especially at a $299 price point.There��s a couple minor things that I didn��t like about it:1) water dispenses slow. It takes about 36 seconds to dispense 8oz or 1 cup2) the touch sensitive buttons are hard to see in dim lighting. Would be nice if they were illuminatedAside from that, I��m really pleased with this purchase, especially now that the seller has restocked replacement filters!

N. Sarmad
Worked well for a year and stopped filtering well

I've had this water filter machine for over a year. At first the water tasted very well. Now it's starting to taste like sink water although I changed the filter and discarded 4 tanks of water after the change. I do have hard water which doesn't help. However the machine has been leaking for about 4 months although the water quality didn't decrease until recently. Now I have to get another machine.Also the tank that you fill to be filtered is hard to clean. I'm disappointed that I have to buy another machine after one year. It's probably only partly the machines fault because I have hard water. At the same time they are selling a product and should account for various types of water.The customer service told me that I had to replace the new filter element, and gave me a new filter element, I am very satisfied with their service.

Carlo Elgario

Buy it


I use it every day