Ultraviolet Light Water Filter- UV Sterlizer Water Purifier (UV bulb (6W))

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  • UPC code:680577669161
  • HIGH EFFICIENT- Disinfection 99.99% harmful Bacteria, EColi, Viruses, Fungi,Protozoan, Cysts Algae & Microbes.
  • LONG LASTING-Last 9000 hours min,100-140 v / 50-60 Hz.Flow rate: 0.5-1GPM.
  • REPLACEMENT-Fit with Geekpure 6W UV sterilizer (ASIN:B07BFVWQB1 and B07FPGCWQX ).
  • EASY-4 pins and easy to replace.
  • RESPONSABLE MANUFACTURER-BPA-free, food grade materials,ISO9001:2008 certificated Manufacturer ,also Member of Water Quality Association (WQA)
Geekpure Ultraviolet Light 6W for Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter-1GPM 1PC in the box.